Carcassonne Solo Challenger

This tool makes easy the organization of challenges following the official solo variant for Carcassonne (see rules here).

Each challenge is identifiable with a unique number, so you can share it with anyone using the Share button. Go and challenge your friends!

The basic idea is:
  1. Place the starting tile on the table
  2. In the app press the right arrow to see the next tile
  3. Look for that particular tile, and place it on the table
  4. Deploy a meeple of the respective color (as shown in the app) according to the rules
  5. Press the right arrow again to see the next tile
  6. Repeat until no tiles are left, or a meeple cannot be deployed

For express challenges, this app also includes the Demo-spiel version with only 20 tiles. For this, you can use only 2 or 3 meeples in two colors.